Going Green

Green organization

The change starts with ourselves. As part of the Green initiative, we are focusing on making our offices a greener place, and on reducing our global carbon footprint as we grow and evolve as a company, MG WebDev will be looking to more deeply integrate our sustainable plans into our working culture and employee mindset. 

environmentally friendly

To reduce greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and preserve bio-habitats, MG WebDev is committed to reducing and eradicating the use of single-use plastics across all our offices, and switching to 100% use of recycled and recyclables by the end of 2023.

 This will be done through the procurement of reusable and eco-friendly office items to ensure that all of our office operations will be 100% carbon neutral

Renewable energy

MG WebDev commits to transferring our entire operations to 100% renewable energy to power all our global offices by 2026. 

At the moment, MG WebDev offices are already powered with 46% renewable energy.  

Going Carbon neutral

MG WebDev will continue to work becoming a 100% carbon neutral organization by the start of 2030.

Some areas where it isn't possible to renew and reduce, we will restore through investments in forestry and other environment-impact projects.